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Accomodation Services

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Accomodation Services

TRG has created all the necessary conditions in order to take our country to the top-level in healthcare tourism and has started to carry out accommodation services as a complementary service.

TRG takes care of all the accommodation details for patients coming from Turkey or abroad in order to get treatment and offers a comfortable experience.

Thanks to the climate, sea, beaches, thermal springs, forests and ease of access due to its geographical location, Turkey give us both a great opportunity for our guests to have a great travel experience while they obtain good health.

In addition to all of this, TRG offers a 5-star accommodation service in Eliz Hotel Convention Center Thermal Spa & Wellness in the district of Kizilcahamam, which is famous for its healing spas and the densest forest cover of Ankara.




You can also travel to Ankara, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Kastamonu, Safranbolu, Bartin and take advantage of our accommodation services.

We are awaiting your arrival so you can have a healthy, pleasant and happy trip and also turn it into an unforgettable experience with a privileged accommodation service.




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