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Service Process

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Service Process

How Can You Reach Us?
Patients can reach us through;
- Our website.
- Phone, mail or social media of our consulting physicians.
- TRG offices and representatives in the same countries as the patients.
- International partners.



Treatment Planning Process
When our patients reach us, they provide us with detailed information about their illnesses and tests that have been conducted. The material burden that may arise as a result of the re-examination will thus be reduced and will make our company more cost-effective among its competitors.
- Our patients do not have to do lengthy research for hospitals, treatment options and price alternatives. TRG conducts all the research and shares all the alternatives with the patients.
- If our patients wish to carry out the diagnosis and treatment planning processes with us, we will start the process immediately after the patient arrives in our country.
- If they make a request for a particular treatment program while in their home country, we will ensure that all the results of the medical examination and patient data sent to us are protected.
- The medical data of our patients are evaluated by our consultant physicians who are experts in related subjects and we share with our patients detailed information about
the centers, which doctors and how long the treatment will be
carried out with the financial details.

Arrival To Turkey
- Airline tickets are purchased by TRG or the patient, depending upon their request. We provide consultancy services for medical visas.
- If the patient’s health is not suitable for air travel, they are picked up from their location by an air ambulance.  As soon as the patient has arrived to Turkey, they are greeted and guided by an employee that has been appointed by us. They are then brought to a pre-agreed hotel or directly to the health center.
- Hotel reservations can be made by our company at the hotel preferred by our patients.
- Patients are given a phone and sim card to use during their stay so that the crucial communication problem is solved.

Treatment Process
- Our contracted hospitals are Joint Commission International (JCI) certified, use high-tech devices and our doctors are one of the best in the field.
- On the day of treatment, patient transfers are made by TRG from the hotel or where they are located.
- Our patients do not have any communication problems because they are with a guide who speaks the same language. Our patients can bring their own guide if they want, but TRG is with them from the beginning to the end of the process.
- At each stage of treatment, patients are monitored by contracted doctors. If they encounter any problems, they can
contact us immediately and share their concerns with us.

Departure from Turkey
- TRG organizes all necessary arrangements for the patient’s discharge from the hospital.
- Patients are informed in detail about the success of the treatment, possible complications and the follow-up medical treatments to be used.
- The patient leaves the hospital with all the details about follow-up appointments and post-operative care.
- Tourism and life coaching, which is paid by the patient and organized by TRG, may be included in the health packages if requested by the patient.
- Our health packages are in the form of relaxation and/or touristic trips at our facilities in Kizilcahamam where TRG’s Eliz Hotel Convention Center Thermal Spa & Wellness is located. Information and organization of our health packages and fees are provided by TRG.
- When the patient wishes to return to their country, airport transfers are provided free of charge

After Treatment
- Patients can always contact TRG offices in their countries for post-treatment care after they return home.
- If necessary after the treatment, their care is carried out in the contracted hospitals or health institutions in their countries and their follow-up is undertaken by the doctors in our offices in the relevant countries.

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