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Medical Consulting

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Medical Consulting

Basically, it includes management consultancy services which include consulting, managing, correcting and solving all kinds of health related problems. This service is coordinated by a team of health professionals established under the organizational chart under the leadership of a manager who is equipped with managerial powers (especially a medical doctor who has received health management training).




Medical consultancy services can be defined as:
- Preparing job descriptions in accordance with the management scheme, following up the operation and planning the necessary corrections.
- Formation of field and application teams in line with the needs, training and audits.
- Keeping the knowledge level of the whole team up-to-date and organizing meetings, seminars and trainings for this purpose.
- Answering medical questions of the company or organization receiving consultancy services, directing investment strategies and supervising the process.
- To supervise the compliance of medical procedures of the company or organization receiving consultancy services with the regulations and ethical rules and to issue the authorities about the problems.
- Assisting in licensing, business development, research & development, controlling and supervising the processes.
- Together with the marketing team; control and planning the marketing strategies, product differentiation, preparation of all kinds of visual and written materials prepared for the team.
- To present ideas to the legal department and to manage the processes together in the fields of “health law” or “medical law” of the company or institution.
- If the company receiving consultancy provides a “call center” service, formation of a team, training, employee duties and updated scientific responses in line with the company’s aims and objectives should be generated.
- Providing information and experience on all activities to be performed in the field of health tourism (national and international) to companies or organizations, process management and implementation of necessary arrangements.
- Within the scope of management consultancy to hospitals, health facilities and medical centers, to plan the processes in all areas of health management, to contribute to its execution and to inform management about the necessary arrangements,
- To share the necessary knowledge health information systems, automation, artificial intelligence applications (AI) and health education consultancy.

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