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Health Tourism

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Health Tourism

With our specialist medical staff and JCI quality standards, we are experts on the services of dozens of health centers which are spread throughout various regions of Turkey.

We manage patient care activities from our London office to many European countries, Kazakhstan Almaty office to the Turkic Republics, Moscow and St. Petersburg offices to the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan with the “Health Tourism Authorization Certificate” we have received from the Turkish Ministry of Health.

We work together with our patients to help identify and select the right hospital or clinic amongst our world-class centers that are appropriate for the patient’s needs.

We provide fast and professional solutions to the pre and post-treatment health problems of patients coming from abroad, considering their rights during the diagnosis and treatment process through health institutions that are equipped with the latest technological devices.

Our most important mission is to lead a comfortable process for our patients and to help them reach their countries safely after treatment. We also ensure that their conditions are followed up in their home countries, also to eliminate any complications that may occur.

Patient safety and satisfaction is our main goal.

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