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Cardiovascular Surgery

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Cardiovascular Surgery

Surgery is performed when cardiovascular diseases cannot be treated with medication or cardiological methods. The intensive care units of our contracted hospitals are equipped with high-tech equipments that continuosly monitor the heart rate, number, rhythm, blood pressure, blood oxygen status, respiratory rate and body temperature of the patients who have undergone cardiovascular surgery or are at risk. Pumps (Intra Aortic Baloon Pump), hemodialysis, ultrafiltration and interventional supportive treatments are also performed.

Major Cardiovascular Surgery Diseases
- Myocarditis
- Pericarditis
- Coronary Artery Disease
- Aortic Aneurysm
- Congenital Heart Diseases

Treatments and Surgical Procedures
- Coronary Artery Surgery (By-pass Surgeries)
- Heart Valve Surgery (Aortic, Mitral and Tricuspid Valve)
- Major Vascular Surgery (Aorta, Pulmonary, Artery)
- Peripheral Artery and Vein (Varicose) Surgeries
​- Carotid Surgeries

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