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Hızlı Menü


We provide multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatments for hearing loss, ear infections, balance disorders, dizziness, tinnitus, chronic sinusitis, nasal allergies, olfactory disorders, nosebleeds, nasal congestion and problems with external appearance of nose, nasal diseases such as nasal polyposis, tear gland obstructions and also in the areas of throat diseases such as voice disorders, swallowing problems, gastroesophageal reflux and head and neck tumours.

Major Otorhinolaryngology Diseases
- Otology and Neurotology (Diseases concerning ear and brain)
- Disorders of the Inner and Middle Ear
- Stomatology and Oropharynx Diseases
- All Cancers of the Head and Neck Region
(Oropharynx, tongue and jaw)
- Tinnitus, Smell and Taste Disorders

Treatments and Surgical Procedures
- Rhinoplasty (Plastic Surgery for the Nose) and Septoplasty (Surgery for Deviated Septum)
- All Kinds of Plastic Surgery for Ear and Nose (Scoop ear etc.)
- Surgical Procedures of Lower and Upper Jaw for Fractures, Diseases and Facial Bones
- Biopsy and Surgical Procedures of Vocal Cords, Nodules, Cysts, Polyps, Edema (Laryngoscopy, MLS)
- Maxillary Salivary Gland Surgery (Submandibular Gland Excision)




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