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Why TRG?

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Why TRG?

Founded in Ankara in 2019, TRG has taken its place in the sector in order to provide important contributions to our country on behalf of health tourism and to provide an opportunity for individuals who seek solutions to their diseases to obtain a healthy life.

TRG gives utmost importance to patient satisfaction within the system it has established in a way that can meet all the needs of guests coming from domestic or abroad. All the steps from the first day when the patient contacts us to their treatment process, the time they have spent in Turkey until they return home are thoroughly managed in a meticulous manner.

TRG carries out its activities both in Turkey and also with their overseas offices. Services are offered with a team of experienced doctors and hospitals that have been established with world-class technology. By providing a reliable health service to individuals, patient treatments are carried out with the latest and new methods and is aimed to increase the quality of life of individuals.

In addition to health services, accommodation and travel services provide guests with the privilege of a unique experience. Your needs are planned in detail for you to discover new places and make your stay comfortable by making it into a pleasant journey.

TRG provides you with many options on what to do with your remaining time while taking care of your health.

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